1. Sex Toys For Men

Sex toys for men offer a wide range of sensations and erotic possibilities. It is time men shed the shame about using sex toys and embrace the excitement that sex toys can add to both solo and partnered sex play. In this episode, we cover: the range of sex toys for men. Listen here.

2. Recalibrate Towards Pleasure

If you want to show up for more pleasure, love and connection in life, one of the skills to work on is recalibrating towards pleasure. This means noticing both what you desire AND noticing what you are enduring silently. Do Not Endure. Enduring is all about suffering patiently, and often silently. Listen here.

3. Desire: The Pleasure Of Wanting

If there is no such thing as a sex drive, what is that unmistakable and potent force that moves us, motivates us and pulls us towards the pleasures of erotic exchange? It’s not a drive, it’s desire – the powerful force of wanting, the complex motivational system that allows us to imagine into future states. Listen here.