Sex with finger vibrator: feel the next level orgasm

The vibrator can be used alone or together to induce lust or to reach your peak orgasm. In both situations it is important that you feel comfortable, that you can take the time to enjoy it and that the vibrator is clean. Experiment and experience what you like and what you are stimulated by. It is normal to discover yourself sexually and to experience this in a playful way because masturbation is something very personal, we can only give you tips for using a vibrator. Want to know how to use a finger vibrator then follow the below tips.

Tips for using the vibrator alone

It is important to always feel with your hands. First touch the vibrator carefully with your hands. How does the vibrator feel and what possibilities does the vibrator have. Do not forget to touch your own body, play with your hands and discover your body. When you know your own body you can enjoy the touch of a vibrator, for example.

Relax using vibrator

When you are relaxed you let the vibrator massage your body, feel the vibrations in your neck, your shoulders and on your stomach and get used to the sound that the vibrator makes to become familiar with it. You relax more and become sexually charged, possibly an erotic story or film can help you with this. Do you feel that you are sexually charged and do you want to continue? Then you slowly move the vibrator to your erogenous zone. Vibrate your lower abdomen, your thighs and finally your labia. When you use some lubricant you will get a little wetter and the vibrator will feel wonderful on your warm skin. Massage your labia and sometimes let the vibrator touch your clitoris. You will notice where your place is and where you want to experience more pressure. Let the vibrator around your clitoris find her way and let her play your vagina inside.

Discover for yourself whether you get excited by stimulating your clitoris or the area around your clitoris. Press the vibrator against it or make circles around your clitoris. Do you like the direct touch but are the vibrations still a bit violent? Then place a washcloth or your panties between your clitoris and the vibrator. The clitoral vibrators that stimulate the clitoris are often somewhat flattened.

Vibrator Tips treat your G-spot

The g-spot can also be a sensitive spot, yet many women find it difficult to find them. At about 5 centimeters in your vagina you will find a small, ribbed spot on the belly side, this is your g-spot. When you have discovered it, we advise you to first discover this place and enjoy this touch. G-spot vibrators can be recognized by the curved top and the small size.

Vibrator tips for men

For men, a vibrator is very interesting. The vibrations of a male vibrator on and near the erogenous zones can be enrichment in your sex life. When you are relaxed you will experience the vibrations as aphrodisiac. Play your lower abdomen, your butt and especially the part between your anus and your balls. Experience the vibrations and with a little lubricant you can play the penis and the balls. Move the vibrator up and down and massage your balls, massage your penis and press where it feels good. Maybe you like it yourself when your anus is stimulated by an anal vibrator. You also discover your body and discover your place.

Tips for using the vibrator together

For you as a couple, a vibrator is certainly not weird or crazy, it will only enrich your sex life. Love each other during foreplay and allow each other to reach an unprecedented peak thanks to the vibrator. Massage each other, discover each other and stimulate each other’s erogenous zones. Even during penetration you can choose to stimulate your zones with the vibrator, the woman is extra stimulated with her clitoris and the man feels the vibrations at the beginning of the penis. There are even special torque vibrators. You will cum together wonderfully!

Fingering means a woman’s sexual satisfaction with the hand or fingers. The woman can do this herself or the partner spoils her in this way. Many men think that women do not masturbate. But also women like to pamper themselves and really enjoy giving themselves orgasm. Nevertheless, women do not speak this out because there is a taboo on this subject for women today. We like to break this taboo and give you and your partner tips for fingering.

Tips for fingering Tips for fingering

It is proven that your clitoris and your g-spot are the most sensitive. Experts’ advice is to play with this. At the top of your vagina, where your labia comes together, you can find the clitoris. Your clitoris feels like a little ball and swells up when you are excited. Rub your clitoris, make circles around your clitoris or gently beat your clitoris with a few fingers. This is very aphrodisiac, especially when you alternate this with caressing your labia and letting your fingers enter your vagina.

When your fingers enter your vagina, you can feel g-spot at about 5 centimeters in your vagina at the abdominal edge. Your g-spot feels rippled and swells when you are excited. Stimulate the g-spot by rubbing it over nicely. Also try to direct the shower jet on your vagina, because of the hard jet you can stimulate a specific spot. Do you want to come faster, and then move with your hips or pelvis along at a pace that you like and make sure you breathe properly? Breathe deeply into your stomach and you will experience that you are having a nice cumshot. If you want to go even further and spoil your clitoris and g-spot, experts recommend a clitoral vibrator or g-spot vibrator, also a Tarzan vibrator is perfectly suited.

Fingering yourself

Because women often need something more to get in the right mood, it can be difficult for women to relax. Lie down well, light a few candles and perhaps it helps to read an erotic story, erotic photos or a porn movie. Masturbating is something very personal, discover yourself and experiment. For example, start by caressing your breasts and playing with your nipples. After all, the breasts of a woman are very aphrodisiac and you will notice that your nipples become harder and you get wetter by caressing. You actually want to pamper your vagina you have to be wet enough, use if necessary mucus or lubricant. For extra pleasure and stimulation you can use a finger vibrator or finger sex toys.