Prostitution & Traveling: The Risks and Realities

It may shock some travelers to realize that prostitution is not only common in many parts of the world—it’s completely legal. Heck, it’s technically legal in the US (looking at you, Nevada). Prostitution is a complicated topic with a lot of strong opinions on both sides, but as far as prostitution and traveling go, it’s better to be informed about the risks and realities involved in the world’s oldest profession.

The information on prostitution is actually pretty cut and dried. People all over the world visit prostitutes whether they’re legal or not. But when prostitution is legalized both the sex workers and their clients enjoy safer workplaces and lower rates of STI and HIV infection.

Here’s what you might want to know about HIV Infection.

Several studies show that legalizing prostitution leads to better, safer working conditions for sex workers and their clients. Regulating sex work leads to a dramatic drop in human trafficking, STI and HIV infection rates, physical violence, and the darker side of prostitution—like child prostitution and the drug trade. Sex workers around the world (including the US) are fighting for legalization to acquire the same protections that sex workers in places like Amsterdam and New Zealand have. (And yes, prostitution is completely legal in New Zealand as of 2014).

Even Amnesty International, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization have all called for the decriminalization of prostitution. So, argue with those experts if you disagree.

Even in places where it’s legal, you should still be cautious of abiding by the rules. While living in Madagascar, for example, I learned it was common for foreign men (mostly French and Italian) to travel to Madagascar to have sex with local women. Although legal, it wasn’t well regulated and underage girls were too often taken advantage of and involved in this industry. In most hotels, you would see public service announcement posters warning about underage sex workers and encouraging travelers to check their sex partner’s ID to verify their age.

Legality aside, getting involved in prostitution is an ethically hairy act. In Madagascar’s case, it’s not well regulated and carries a skewed (global) power dynamic.

If you intend to visit a brothel or “massage parlor” only do so in countries where the practice is legal (obviously), and at regulated establishments. Soliciting street prostitutes or unregulated brothels not only promotes unsafe working conditions and underage prostitution, but exposes you to additional risks. Using regulated establishments will dramatically decrease your risk of contracting any STIs, as registered sex workers are routinely tested for HIV and STIs.

Prostitution Within the LGBTQI+ Community

Sex workers have been a long standing part of our community so I think it’s really important to have a discussion about what it means to engage with sex workers when abroad. First off, there are certainly countries where sex work is legalized, regulated, and even LGBTQ-oriented as well. In such countries, it’s common sense then to keep to the system for the sake of your health, safety, and criminal record. When we enter in countries with anti-LGBTQ and/or anti-prositution laws, it becomes a whole different ball game.

Whether you support or are against the criminalization of prostitution, it’s important to remember that LGBTQ individuals, and adolescents, are disproportionately represented in sex trafficking, and can’t be separated from ethical discussions around LGBTQ sex work. Also, often times, unregulated sex work can come in the form of solicitations on dating apps, which especially in countries with anti-LGBTQ/prostitution laws can be a risk to your health and life. In other words, it’s best to not play with fire in countries that can throw you in jail for trying and to keep such fantasies confined to where sex work is regulated and most importantly where sex workers are respected.

How to Pack for Better (and Safer) Sex While Traveling

Let’s face it—travel is just plain sexy. Life on the road is packed with exotic destinations, thrilling experiences, interesting people, and a heck of a lot less responsibility (and inhibitions). Having sex with your partner, or that sexy stranger at the hotel bar, is just another part of traveling. In fact, studies show that both men and women are more likely to have casual sex when they travel. And it’s not hard to understand why.

When you become best friends with a stranger in a matter of hours and share life-changing experiences all the dang time, certain barriers and cultural norms come toppling down—especially around casual sex. That’s why it’s more important than ever to prepare yourself for safer sex while you travel, because buying condoms, finding birth control pills, avoiding STIs, and even finding a private room for that special someone (or someones) can be a lot tougher than you think.

Travel can be great for your sex life, whether you’re traveling with your awesome partner or out to see and experience the world as a solo traveler. But, it’s important to be prepared for the logistical, social, and cultural differences of sex around the world. Here’s how to have better, safer sex while traveling.

Better Sex While Traveling: Best Practices

Your Simple Guide to Consent
“Consent” is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, and it’s worth thinking about exactly what consent means while you’re traveling. Travelers tend to move a little more quickly than most people back home, especially if they’re partying and going on adventures in exotic places with exciting new people. But the rules of sexual consent remain the same no matter the situation.

Getting and giving consent can be tricky even when you and your partner share a culture and language — so how can you ensure that you’re having consensual sex that both of you want when those barriers are present?

There’s only one surefire way to know if your partner is giving you their consent—ask them. Always ask whether you have your partner’s consent. Then ask again. And hey, guess what? Ask some more later.

First, make sure that person is coherent. If they’re too drunk to hold a conversation, they’re also too drunk to consent to sex with someone they don’t know. Same goes for yourself — if things are feeling way too hazy, rethink your decision to hook up.

You don’t have to bury your partner in questions like a sexual riddler, but even initial consent doesn’t mean you have a green light for whatever you want to do after that. People are allowed to change their minds, even during the act. Or, in the words of Corinne Kai’s fantastic illustrated guide to consent, “Beyond Yes & No:”

“Consent is continual, freely given, informed, enthusiastic, mutual, specific, and can be withdrawn at any time.”

Consent is a clearly expressed agreement to participate in sexual activity. That includes touching, kissing, oral sex, and penetration. Consent isn’t about asking, “Are you ok with this?” right before you have intercouse. Consent a series of steps—from both people—verbally expressing that you want X to happen.

Asking for consent may sound like it’s too simple to be a good rule, but if you follow this one rule you’ll know beyond any misinterpretations, confusion, or cultural misunderstandings. Here are some real world examples, using Corinne’s definition, illustrating what consent is not:

  • Your partner is drunk and slurring her speech, but doesn’t stop you when you kiss her neck. This isn’t: informed, mutual, enthusiastic, or specific consent
  • You and your partner have a language barrier and they seem confused by your invitation to go to bed with them. This isn’t: informed, enthusiastic, or mutual consent
  • You meet a girl that’s out of money and just needs a place to stay for the night so she crashes with you (in your bed). You rub her back and she doesn’t stop you, so you fondle her. This isn’t: mutual, enthusiastic, specific, or freely given consent
  • You and your partner are having sex and he says he wants to stop. He doesn’t feel comfortable. This isn’t mutual, enthusiastic, or continual consent.

Understand that signals may not translate. In some parts of the world (I experienced this in Madagascar and Ethiopia) what I’d consider harmless flirtation in the U.S. was interpreted by local men as a clear ask for sex. Understand that the signals you’re giving off might not be interpreted the same way in another culture.

As one friend who lived in China for several years explained, “Going on a date in China is really serious. It’s expected that you’re basically boyfriend and girlfriend if you go on a date.” Breaking up may not be so easy.

When I studied abroad in Malta, two of the European boys in my program casually mentioned “Hey, I heard there are going to be six American girls joining us in the spring semester.” When I asked them why it mattered, they casually told me, “Oh, American girls are easy.”

Not only was that an incredibly weird thing to be told as an American woman, it made me realize how others might act according to their stereotypes about me. That comment made me feel like the boys in my program might try to hook up with me just because they viewed me as a source of easy sex, based on my nationality, and I worried that I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between that intent and genuine romantic interest.

The examples can go on forever, but the simple point is that consent needs to be clear, continual, and mutual. Pay attention to your partner’s body language, and other non-verbal clues and don’t ever assume that you have someone’s consent for sexual activity. Ever. There’s no “but” to that sentence. Ask if they’re ok with what you’re doing, but better yet ask what they’d like to do. Sex, of any kind, is a partnership. Involve your partner at every stage and you’ll not only be sure you have their consent, you’ll both have a much better time.

Get Tested Before You Travel (Know Before You Go)

If you’re sexually active, it should be standard operating procedure to get tested for STIs every 6 months (at the least!). More often if you’re having sex with multiple partners. Getting tested is easy and affordable, even if you don’t have insurance.

I actually went to Planned Parenthood for STI testing for years—without insurance—and it was cheap, easy, and a great way to always know my status. I highly recommend it. So guys, there’s no excuse. As a traveler, it’s doubly important to know if you have any STIs so you can talk to your partner(s) and take all the necessary precautions. Getting tested can be scary, but not knowing about your status is a lot worse.

Get a Private Room

Don’t be the guy or girl that tries to have sneaky sex in the squeaky top bunk of a 20-bed dorm. Just don’t. It’s beyond uncool to subject other people to your sex life in a communal space, and it’s just not going to be good sex. Even if you get off on the whole “getting caught/sex in public” thing, a twin bed in a hostel is a crappy place to have sex.

If you know you’re going out on the town in hopes of scoring, book a private room. Most hostels offer private rooms for not that much more than a dorm bed in a bunk. Seriously, I got a private room in Vietnam for $5 more than a 12-bed dorm. It’s not that hard to elevate your sex life on the road. Plus, nothing says “sexy” like someone who has enough money and forethought to get their own room.

Pro Tip: One of the best pickup lines a traveler can use is simply, “I have a private room.” And if you spring for AC get ready to be the most desirable person in the bar.

Sexual Etiquette (in different places)

If you’re going on a date in another country, brush up on the local dating etiquette — in some places going “Dutch” is far more common than it is at home, like, say, when you’re with a Dutch person.

Again, you should also understand what the norms are for sex and sexual intimacy, but never feel like you should do something you’re not personally comfortable with.

Pack Your Own Condoms

Fun fact: The US military not only provided male condoms for every US soldier during WWII—they created posters, films, and slogans to get soldiers to use those condoms. “Don’t forget — put it on before you put it in” was an actual slogan the US military created to stop soldiers from contracting STIs (namely syphilis) while traveling the world. Bring that up next time your grandparents hassle you about “the MTV and all the sex you kids are having.”

Attention all travelers: You need to pack your own condoms. I don’t care if you “don’t plan on having sex” or, “he should have the condom.” Those are terrible ways to avoid STIs and pregnancy.

Condoms are affordable, lightweight, and TSA compliant. Pack at least 3-6 condoms to be prepared if things get sexy. Heck, those condoms might not be for you. You can be a hero and hook up your new buddy with a condom when they need it.

Just like great sex, it’s not always about you!

Best Practices & Tips for Women Travelers

Travel is about exploring new places, experiences, and aspects of yourself, and, whether we talk about it or not, this often extends to sex and travel romances. Whether it’s with someone you recently met or with your S.O., hooking up with someone is often just as much a part of travel as trying new foods. Whether it’s the excitement of being in a new place, or the empowerment that comes with not knowing anyone around you, it’s totally understandable that romance might easily follow.

And while exploring new angles of your sexuality is something I’d encourage every woman to do, having sex while traveling — especially abroad — isn’t the same as having sex at home. While that’s certainly part of the fun, it also means you have to navigate new cultures, languages, and even legal regulations in your pursuit of sex while traveling.

After all, how often do you meet a charming surfer from Florida who then invites you to join him in a beach town on the coast of Nicaragua for a weekend (true story) — and you actually get to say yes?

Staying Safe While Dating & Having Sex Abroad

Especially when you’re traveling, safe sex doesn’t just mean preventing unwanted pregnancies and STIs, it also means keeping your whole self safe (physically, emotionally, and psychologically). Here are a few tips to help you stay safe while having sex abroad:

You Don’t Have to Have Sex

If you’re not comfortable going all the way, but still want to hook up and have some fun, that’s totally fine. Not going “all the way” is always an option. If this is the case, make sure to communicate this to your partner and be consistent with your response (sometimes easier said than done) — it’s not cool to have sex with someone you didn’t want to have sex with simply because they “wore you down.”

They Don’t Want to Use a Condom? Insist on It.

I met Greek men who found condoms to be emasculating, and in Ethiopia there was a general stigma against “having sex with a sock on.” In areas of the world with more “traditional” gender norms, men seem to be more resistant to using condoms. If your partner tries to talk you out of it, insist on it.

Trust Your Instinct

Our creep radar might be off when we’re traveling abroad. If things get weird — even though this person seemed totally normal and charming — trust your instincts and get out. You’re always better safe than sorry.

Drink and do Drugs Responsibly

When we’re traveling or on holiday, we want to let loose and try new things. While that’s great, don’t let it get to the point where it would put you in danger. Keep your alcohol and drug consumption to a point where you’re still coherent enough to take care of yourself or recognize a potentially sketchy situation.

Let Someone Know Where You’re Going

If you’re traveling with others, always let them know where you’re going if you split up. If you’re traveling solo, have a trusted person back home who you can update on your whereabouts, and when they should hear from you next.

Share Your Location with a Friend

Better yet, give a trusted friend or family member back home or your travel buddy access to your location at all times. You can do this through iPhone’s Find My Friends app, or — if one person doesn’t have an iPhone — directly in Google Maps. Just go to your settings to turn on location sharing and send it to someone you trust.

Always Know Where You’re Going and How to Get “Home”

If you’re not hooking up in your accommodations, make sure you know where you are and how to get safely home — whether that means having Uber, or a local equivalent, downloaded on your phone, a local taxi number to call, or just an understanding of “no go zones” after dark. This information could help you avoid an after sex saunter through a sketchy neighborhood.

Keep Your Phone Charged and Cash on Hand

Always keep your phone charged or bring an external battery pack with you when you’re out and about. In case of an emergency, make sure you have a way of calling someone — whether that means having a working local SIM or international phone plan. In most places, you’ll be able to call the local version of 911 even without a local SIM or working phone plan.

Look Out for Yourself First

Always use a condom, no matter how charming that other person is, or how much they insist that they “don’t have any STIs.” It’s not worth it.

Have Fun!

Sex and romance is fun and can be extra exciting when you’re swept up in the romance of being somewhere new. After you’ve done your due diligence to be safe, enjoy it you sexy beast, you!

Best Apps for (Safe) Sex While Traveling


I’ve said it before—Tinder is an fantastic travel app. You can set your location, meet nearby (attractive) people and set up a date in a matter of minutes. I’ve used it before to meet people for stories when I was on assignments abroad and also to meet locals to take me out for a fun night in a town when I didn’t know anyone.

Tinder, Bumble, and the rest of the hook-up apps can be a great way to meet new people, but you have to be clear about how you intend to use the app, and especially wary of potentially dangerous situations. Say what you’d like to do in your bio (bar hopping, museum tours, local music scene), then start swiping. If you get a match, ask them point blank if they’d like to take you out and show you their town. Make yourself available, and state your preferences, but put the onus on them. It’s their city after all.

I’ve had some fantastic nights out and made some great friends from using Tinder while traveling. Heck, you can even find a date for happy hour in the airport if you’re stuck on a long layover. Seriously. Shake it up. Get weird. Tinder is your friend.


Yes, Meetups pages and events look like they were designed using Geocities and Windows 98, but they are just a straight up great way to socialize. I use Meetups for finding language partners when I travel, and often times language partners can turn into dates. In fact, that’s how my high school friend found his wife. He now lives in China with two kids. So, there’s that.

Regardless, of how involved you want to get, Meetups are awesome.

Take a Tour: The Original Dating App

If you’re single and ready to mingle one of the best ways to meet someone is simply to sign up for a group activity. Yeah, tours are kind of hokey, and yeah you don’t need to go on planned activities, but you know who’s on planned activities—other people. You can bond during the diving excursion/wine tour/after hours museum romp then invite one or more new friends out for a drink or dinner afterwards. You know they’re probably not busy, so put yourself out there and make some plans. Most people are looking for connection too!

Apps in the LGBTQI+ Community

Whether you use Grindr, Jack’d, Her, OKCupid, or Tinder, I find there’s little need to go over the best hookup apps in this community, as everyone has their own tastes about what floats their boat and there are already plenty and plenty of reviews out there.

Unfortunately though, online dating everywhere for LGBTQ people carries an inherently greater risk to personal safety. Queer apps are seeing an uptick in use to identify and harm LGBTQ individuals in both LGBTQ friendly and unfriendly countries. This means when traveling, even to LGBTQ friendly places, that you need to stay vigilant and keep travel companions, or a close friend back home, updated of your well-being and movements. At the end of the day, your safety is more important than maybe being a little embarrassed about telling a friend where you’re going for a hookup.

And for those not looking for a hookup, dating apps don’t only have to be about sex. The facial expressions I get are pretty hilarious when I tell Queer friends that dating apps, like Grindr and Tinder, can be used to actually meet people to get the lowdown of a new city or just make a new friend. Just make sure your intentions are clear from the outset.

Some other apps to increase safety while traveling include:

uSafeUS will fake an emergency call from a friend to help get you out of a bad date or other situation smoothly.

Find My Friends & Google Maps are two of the best ways to share your location with a friend or family member at all times.

TripWhistle gives you the emergency contact numbers of any country in the world.

bSafe works without wifi or internet connection and will allow friends or family to virtually “walk you home.” If you don’t make it back to your house/hotel/destination safely, it will notify them.

Why are hookups the best while you’re traveling abroad?

Let’s face it. There are not many things better than going on a vacation. Regardless of what’s going on in your life — private or professional issues — you can always count on a sunny day at a beach to make up for it. Then again, it’s not just about summer vacations. You can travel anywhere abroad, to any climate, and refresh your body and mind.


But is that all there is to travel? Skin tanning, sightseeing, and hiking? Nope! Many people travel abroad searching for romantic adventures. For them, travel is just as much about casual hookups with locals as it is about experiencing foreign cultures, cuisines, and natural beauties. Therefore, allow us to explain their thinking in the following few paragraphs.

You Get a Free Tour Guide

The first and obvious of all pros of hookups abroad is that with a local partner, you get a free tour guide. Sure, this might sound a bit opportunistic, but don’t worry. It’s not. Your local sex partner will take you around town, introduce you to their friends, local bars and restaurants, and cool places which you shouldn’t miss out on. In our eyes, this is the biggest pro of all, as it’s the most authentic experience of any foreign culture.

Unlike professional tour guides, romantic partners won’t bore you with details, dates, and historical facts. Instead, they will mostly concentrate on what’s current. You’ll understand local people better, what their daily lives look like, and you’ll get the hang of what it’s like to live abroad. And to top it off, you’ll have sex outside your comfort zone. If you think about it, it all sounds like the premise of some pulp romantic novel, doesn’t it?

You Get to Know People From a Different Race

Traveling cross-country is great: you get to experience local customs that are somewhat in line with yours and feel proud of belonging to a group of people. However, it can’t compete with going abroad. The change of scenery and the different languages are like going through a magical portal and entering a whole new universe. And if you visit another continent populated with people of different origins and skin color, well, it’s simply otherworldly.


But hold on. We’re not going full-on colonial here. Nope! We’re talking about mixing up with the local population and grasping what their views on life, love, and the world around us are. You see, traveling from the U.S. to Europe is great and all, but it’s not that different. The cultural differences are minor. However, if you visit East Asia, Latin America, or Africa and pursue casual dating, it will be a whole other experience.

People Don’t Know You

Traditional dating and hooking up abroad have almost nothing in common. When it comes to the first, it considers going on dates, making an actual effort, and finally committing to being someone’s partner. It’s as far as removed from casual dating.

Nevertheless, when it comes to hooking up abroad, well, you get to be careless and free as much as you like. In fact, you can even pursue more than one romantic partner without having to worry about it being immoral. It’s casual, without any strings attached.

The main issue you would have with this approach back home is that people know each other. You can’t get away with flirting with anyone you meet. Yet, that’s what’s great about being abroad. You’re pretty much a clean slate for anyone you meet.

You Can Do Everything

Long-term relationships consider much care and planning. No matter how cold that might sound, you can’t be honest all the time with your partner. This is especially true for kinks and quirks between sheets. For example, if you enjoy something that’s not considered normal when it comes to sex, you have to build up the courage to mention it, regardless of how close you and your partner are.


Nevertheless, while abroad and looking for a casual relationship or a one-night stand, you can be as upfront as you wish. There’s no such thing as shame when it’s time to say you like this or that. You don’t have to worry about what your casual partner will think of you the next day, as you’ll be long gone. It’s a one-time thing, meaning everything comes into play — bondage, anal, role play, femdom, etc.

Hookup Reminders

Hooking up abroad is a surprisingly fun experience for any of the previously mentioned reasons. We would recommend it to anyone who finds themselves single in a foreign country. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful while pursuing casual sex and easy fun. After all, you’re not on your home soil, and some rules might differ from what you’re used to. This is especially true for gay men and lesbians in countries with not so tolerable views about the LGBTQ+ community. To avoid any trouble, we’ll list a couple of tips to keep you safe yet smiling while abroad.


  • In case you’re using a dating app to find a casual partner, be sure to check your match on other social media before going out with them.
  • Once you agree to meet, do come earlier and observe them from the side as they arrive. Sure, this might sound paranoid, but safety comes first.
  • Agreeing to meet someone should only work if you pick a public place.
  • If you aren’t a heterosexual, read up on how open the country or city you are visiting is towards your sexual orientation.
  • Always keep the contact number of your embassy with you in case anything should go wrong.

How to get your sex toys through airport security

Having a sex toy is not a big deal. Many people use them. But if you plan on traveling, you should know how to avoid any problems that may occur along the way. Here are some tips that will help you stay out of trouble.

Choose a Smaller Vibrator

One of the first things to consider is picking a smaller toy. The larger the toy is, the more likely it is for it to show to the airport security. Naturally, your goal is to pass undetected since the last thing you need is for the security to start waving your sex toy around the airport.

While traveling with your sex toys is not illegal, the scanners might confuse it with something else, and the security will need to investigate the nature of the device you have in your bag.

Check this list from loopnews of places where sex toys won’t be allowed.

This is why it’s always a good idea to take a smaller toy and place it in the inner pocket of the suitcase. When we say smaller toys, we mean something discrete like bullet vibrators or vibrating eggs.

Remove the Batteries!

The best traveling tip we can offer is to remove batteries from your sex toy before you pack. Regardless of what you carry in your luggage, it is almost certain that there will be a lot of items touching each other.


This means that there is a high chance of your battery-operated toy activating on its own, and this can cause a major problem. Not only will everyone near you be able to hear the noise coming out of your bag, but it can also be confused for a security threat.

You probably don’t want to have a bomb squad running to open your bag only to realize that you are carrying adult toys with you. To avoid such problems, remove the batteries and eliminate the possibility of having an awkward airport experience.

Bag It

Take a plastic bag, ideally a transparent one, and place your sex toy inside. The reason why this is important is if TSA screeners decide to still open your bags. You probably don’t want a random person touching your sex toys, and this way, they will be able to see what’s inside without placing their hands on it.


While it will still draw unwanted attention, it won’t pose a health risk for you. It is more hygienic, and even if no one opens your bags, it is still a nice way to keep the toy away from the rest of your items.

Play It Cool and Do Not Panic

Carrying sex toys with you on a plane is not illegal. That’s one thing you need to remember. So there is no reason to panic. Yes, it might be uncomfortable and awkward if the security monitor shows something in your bag, but it’s not the end of the world.


For them, you’re just another person with a sex toy in your bag, and no one at the airport will think twice about it. Most importantly, if you are nervous and start panicking, security will notice it. It is their job to spot people who are trying to smuggle something, and you might start to look suspicious.


Of course, as soon as they realize that you were nervous about your sex toy, they will let you go. But the entire process might be unpleasant.

Tell Them the Truth if They Have to Inspect

Being honest will help you in life. It will save you a lot of time and trouble. If you get caught at the airport, don’t try to play smart. Lying to the security will get you nowhere. Just remember that they can open your bag at any point and see for themselves if you are honest.


If you decide to travel with your vibrator, it only shows that you are comfortable with your sexuality. There is nothing wrong with that. Don’t let anyone try and persuade you otherwise.

Even if a worst-case scenario happens, just be honest about it. It will save you a lot of time. The security doesn’t care what you have in your bag as long as it isn’t a security risk (or a legal issue). So relax, and if you need to report it, just do it. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Follow the 3-Oz. Rule

The so-called 3-1-1 rule refers to carrying liquid in the plane. You are allowed to have three ounces of liquid in your carry-on bag. These include juices, water, gels, aerosols, and other things. You will need to keep in mind how much you have packed since lubricant is also considered liquid.


Furthermore, if you have shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, and other similar items, you might not have enough room left to carry lube with you. To avoid unnecessary problems with the security, measure everything before you go to see if you are allowed to have lube with you.

Do Your Research

Finally, you need to do research. Using sex toys is perfectly fine. But that might not apply to every country in the world. Some regions have strict policies when it comes to adult toys, and you don’t want to get in trouble during your vacation.


This is why it is essential for you to check if the country you’re visiting allows sex toys. If there are restrictions in place, the best course of action would be to leave your toys at home. Thinking that you will be able to go around the law can only lead to problems, and you don’t want to pay fines when you can easily avoid them.


Be smart and follow the rules. It is the only way to enjoy having a good time, and if that means traveling without your vibrators, then that’s something you can’t change. Of course, there aren’t many countries in the world where sex toys are illegal, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How to Choose the Perfect Color of your Fox Tail Butt Plug?

Fox tail plugs are simply stunning. These butt plugs command a unique appeal found with no other sex toy. You must have heard about sizzling stories with fox tail butt plugs from that friend who is always upbeat about trying the latest wonders in the adult toy world. Are you too curious to try out fox tail butt plugs? Well, that’s great as you are in for a smashing treat this time.

Interestingly, fox tail butt plugs come in a wide range of colors, so much so, that you will be spoilt for choices. The newbies to the fox tail butt plug world are often confused on which color to pick. Now, you aren’t going to buy a fox tail butt plug every other month. It’s like a one-off investment which you plan to savor for years to come. So, your fox tail butt plug would be something that you can identify with. The same goes with the toy color. The shade you choose should be a lovely manifestation of your own unique thoughts, ideals and of course, your fantasies.

Here is a brief on how to choose the right color for your fox tail butt plug.

Natural colors

The most popular fox tail butt plugs are available in natural colors like brown, grey, fawn and so on. If you want a naturally wild feel in your tail plug play sessions, go for these natural colors. These shades will help to render a realistic tone to your fox plug play sessions. There is a minimalist yet subtle attraction in the colors which is hard to miss.

Red and pink colors

Would the tail plug be used on a female partner? In that case, red or pink butt plugs could be your pick. Both these colors exude lovely feminine grace that resonates beautifully with female users. If you want something fiery and mysterious, the red one would be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you wish for things all sweet and cute, don’t look further than pink tails.

Rainbow color

Yes, you will also find fox tail butt plugs today in bright rainbow colors. On one hand, these tails look extremely vibrant. If you need a sex toy to brighten up your mood after a long boring day, these rainbow fox tail butt plugs would be just amazing. Moreover, given the presence of so many shades, the tail plug will certainly stand out in your dimply-lit bedroom and make you plug play even more enjoyable and fun.

On the other hand, as we all by now, rainbow is the color of equality and acceptance. The color setup established the eternal truth that our world could be made up of different kinds of soul- but despite differences, all of us are a part of one common chain. If you are a strong advocate of same-sex or LGBTQ rights, rainbow-colored fox tail butt plugs would be the one for you. These butt plugs will be excellent for same-sex couples.

Purple color

Purple is dark but never too dark and it’s this duality that makes it mysterious and irresistible at the same time. So, if you resonate to that kind of an enigmatic vibe, purple fix tail butt plugs are the thing for you.

Other points to check while buying fox tail butt plug

However, color is not the only criterion when it comes to buying a fox tail butt plug. There are several other points that you must take care of while buying your first tail butt plug.

Size of the plug

Are you a newbie to the butt plug world? Well, if you haven’t used a butt plug before, you should be extremely careful about the size of the plug. The fact is, the anus is not meant to take things inside. It’s only designed to release things outside. So, when you are planning to nudge things inside your anus, you will have to prepare your body for that. Large butt plugs look sexy no doubt but if you shove them into an inexperienced anus, you might as well end up in the ER. So, be careful.

The tip is to start with smallest fox tail butt plugs in the market. The length of your tail butt plug should not be more than 1.10”. Try to look for butt plugs that come in sets with plugs in varying sizes. These sets are anyday more economical than getting individual ones. With these sets, you will get plugs in small, medium and large sizes. So, you can start with the small one and then graduate to progressive sizes over time.

The plug material

Fox tail butt plugs are available in a wide variety of materials. From silicone to metal to even glass, you will get these toys in a large range of material choices to choose from. But you can’t choose any material out there. the anus is a very delicate place in our body and you shouldn’t choose something that might pose danger for it.

According to experts, you must avoid porous items as then tend to harbor bacteria over time. So, stay away from rubber ones. On the other hand, go for non-porous options as these are easy to clean and don’t allow bacteria to settle on them. Some of the best examples here are glass, metal, ABS plastic and silicone.

But, if you haven’t tried a butt plug ever, do not go for harder toys like those made of metal or glass. Rather you should opt for the extremely soft silicone which is also body-safe.

Look for a reputed adult toy store

The rising popularity of sex toys have brought them to the mainstream retail market of late. You have many generic retail stores today that sell fox tail butt plugs. But it’s better to avoid them as these stores don’t always promise authentic products. Your best bet would be highly reputed adult toy stores as they specialize in these toys and hence can promise the most authentic product, just like what is being offered at

Beginners Guide to Anal Hooks

Why have loves balls actually become so popular meanwhile? This is not just because they can be used in so many areas. Of course it also matters with whom you use them. Again, the diversity of love balls application comes to light again because you can use them both alone and with your partner.

That probably makes the uniqueness of love balls application! Especially when two partners try the balls together, a tingling experience can come out of it. The love life in bed can not only be relaxed. Also secret curiosities and desires can be fulfilled.

What are the advantages of love balls application as a couple?

One thing is certain; the love balls increase the experience in bed immensely. Because this is how you explore your body in a new way and also your partner’s. For example, if you train your pelvic floor through the balls then the experience during sex is more intense and on both sides.

As a rule, love balls increase the desire of the woman immensely. This is because the libido is stimulated enormously. Libido is the female sex hormone. No wonder then that woman likes to go crazy! That the partner has only advantages need not be mentioned separately. This is the reason that you need to know the comparison between the Anal hooks vs. butt plugs also.

Especially for the man it is an exciting feeling when the pelvic floor and thus the vagina of the lady feel tighter. Incidentally, this is also the secret trick of how many couples can bring them to orgasm faster. In the love balls application from woman to woman; the balls can also be used super effectively as a toy. With a little extra stimulation from the outside for example, a vibrator, the fingers or the tongue there are no limits to creativity here.


Love balls and other toys

The most famous sex toy is certainly the vibrator. Love balls also have a vibrating function – but this is not so strong in comparison. As you may already know, the love ball is sometimes secretly used in everyday life. For that reason alone, it can be difficult for a woman to vibrate harder. You can use both in combination though. This is also very attractive for couples!

By stimulating different centers, one can reach new and unexpected heights. In the beginning, you should try out how many balls the woman tolerates.

Then you can start carefully, in addition to the love balls application even to take the vibrator to hand. The rule of thumb here is that you can start slowly and then increase yourself. So you can be sure that you will not hurt yourself.

Due to the additional vibrations that are sent, the ball can unfold its full potential. You will be amazed what you can achieve in the long run! You can also try this technique solo. However, it is better if you do that with a partner. This can better keep the vibrator under control.

Basically, it is good if you use lubricant if necessary. With it you can increase your looseness even more. You should, however, make sure that the gel is on a water-soluble basis. So you make sure that your vagina is not damaged. There are also love balls that combine vibrator eggs and ball.

What to look for when buying

The selection of love balls is great. So before you make a blind decision to buy, you need to check a few things. There are a few features where you recognize high quality bullets.

These are Love Balls and Vibro Egg in one. A very special copy! It is made entirely of silicone. The material is important so that you can enjoy the love balls application to the fullest. Plastic, for example, turns out to be unhealthy.

With this object several things are possible. For one, you can use the toy while gently inserting the balls. In addition, G point massages are possible in this way. This method is called SenseMotion (TM) technology and has already found many enthusiastic buyers.

There are different levels of vibration that you can set. You can control the balls yourself by hand. So you always have everything under control and are master of the situation. You yourself can decide how and when you want to come.

Another special feature is that the material is waterproof. One hundred percent – despite the electronics! You can also do shower or bath games with your partner. Here your partner and you can explore together, which jokes you want to pursue and what you like the most. Thanks to toys like these there is something for everyone.The opinions of customers who have already purchased this confirm that. Many are happy with it and state that the Love Balls application has brought new momentum to their love life.

Why toys are important in bed

Toys almost always cause a loosening up in bed. Finally, one crosses a border together. This can be an incredibly intense experience for the partner and oneself especially if both have not had so much experience. Then explore together with the partner new area. You feel so connected by the successful love balls application and not only because of the physical effects, but because something like that connects.

Experts even say that this can be relieving because sex is very important to most people. If you bring in this new momentum, then the partner appears again more interesting and attractive. With this secret trick many couples have already saved their relationship. The fact that one automatically has more desire for each other, one goes around in everyday life differently.

Many women only realize by the love balls application that they are very well able to come. Because purely by the stimulation of the penis does not always happen. This also ensures a further positive climate.

Does the first insertion of the dilator hurt?

No! You absolutely do not have to worry about that. When playing with a dilator you will feel a new body region and have new sensations.

From how many years should you use dilators as sex toys?

Sexologists advise you to use dilators only from the age of 18, no matter if you are male or female. This is because, in childhood and adolescence, the urethra is not yet fully grown and also very sensitive. This hypersensitivity can actually lead to pain during insertion of the dilator or even after the game when urinating. No matter how long you plan on using them, make sure you always clean your sex toys.

Can you lose a dilator in the body?

If you use a dilator over 8cm in length, you do not need to worry about the dilator failing to come out at once. At the latest at the next water let it will flow out of the body. Above all, women should keep their hands off self-made things. In women, the urethra is much shorter than in men, and there is a real danger that dropped parts may remain in the bladder. Therefore use only massive dilators e.g. surgical stainless steel or a softer material rather less good. get yours now at

How to Prepare Your Man for a Prostate Massage

Put yourself in good conditions to relax. It is not always easy for a man to agree to be massaged at this place. To the fear of a sexual ambiguity are added religious taboos! For a woman to massage her man to this place is not easier. It is always a little difficult to talk about it and dare to take the lead, pass me the expression! Do not be afraid to lift prejudices. Men will be more than grateful to you. Rare are those who will then discover sodomy with another man.

The Benefits of Prostate Massage

Before you know the benefits, it is important for you to know how to massage your prostate. It is a source of great pleasure for man. It can just as masturbation successfully ejaculate through good care and a delicate back and forth on his prostate. Ejaculation is characteristic. His jet is less spasmodic and jerky. It is continually expelled and gives the impression of sinking. He unites very strongly the couples who manage to lift this shameful barrier.

The 5 tips for a good Prostate massage

With these steps you can be a pro in prostate massage:

  1. Preparation

A good preparation of the anus is necessary before any penetration. Put yourself in a warm room with scented candle. Suggest to your man to massage it all over the body with oil that does not stick to make the caresses last. When he begins to relax, focus on his buttocks. Massage each buttock in circles and back and forth up and down with small pressure. Once your man is perfectly relaxed, offer to gently massage the entrance of the anus. It’s still not the time to return! Always keep in touch with your body.

Paste yourself, naked, on his back. Embrace his back. Talk to him, ask him his feelings. Put your hand flat on his anus to get used to the touch (you may feel the contraction of his sphincter). Encourage him and make him feel guilty, he starts to take pleasure and that may be disturbing especially if it’s his first time.

  1. Massage your Anus

Gently spread his anus pulling on each side of the buttocks. Put 2 fingers at the entrance start to massage with your fingers imitating a pedaling. At the beginning just touched and then you will intensify the pressure. Repeat to remove her buttocks. It is necessary to vary the pleasures. Regularly think about putting oil. Be sensual and greedy it must remain a fun of which you hold the reins. Spread the oil, massage, always hands flat, back and forth from the anus follow until the testicles. Reassemble and go on the buttocks. For more info, visit

  1. Enhance Massage on the Sensitive Area

With the slice of your hand, go back and forth from top to bottom. Induce a vibration by waving the hand always going up and down. With your thumbs, put some pressure on the entrance. While keeping your thumb on the entrance, massage in circles. With your other hand, stroke it, testicles, back or sex. My husband at this point likes me to massage the corolla! You can stay a moment on this place and make him a little tickling.

  1. Penetration

With one finger only! Start to return but do not stop to caress him. Do not break the contact. Make your hand turn. Do not fully tuck your finger just the 1st part is inside. Only when you feel his anus relax, then go home.

  1. How to mass the prostate?

When the finger is back and it feels good. It may be that you stay a moment without moving. Form a small hook with your finger. Massage by folding and unfolding your finger. You will feel a ball that will grow gradually it is the prostate. Keep going back and forth. Encourage him to express himself, to fully feel the benefits of shameless massage. During the massage, it is normal that the erection falls. You can help him massaging sex, he feels virile. Be careful not to play too much with your sex because it might ejaculate with pleasure and not thanks to the massage. The 2 orgasms are very different even if the purpose is ejaculation. The intensity of orgasm obtained by anal massage can be higher.

Language Games while Prostate Massage

By licking the sex of your man from the bottom up, you can feel his penis contract under the delights of your tongue. During oral sex, stick your tongue against your palate from time to time so that the glands enter your mouth in a small space, which will further stimulate the tip of the glands. The cold can also have largely aphrodisiac effects during oral sex. All you need to do is drink a cold drink before taking care of the gentleman or even keeping an ice cube in your mouth during oral sex.

Hand games while Prostate Massage

To further intensify your orgasm by the time you feel the moment of ejaculation is near, put your thumb to the base of the penis which will make your man’s orgasm longer and more powerful when you release the pressure.

Masturbate yes, but with your breasts!

To vary the pleasures and put more spice in your session of masturbation, offer the opportunity to mister lover penis erect between your breasts for new sensations that will make him crazy fun. Yes ladies, to give infinite pleasure to your man, it is not only penetration and it is certain that your partner will appreciate your initiative of change to make it enjoy even more intensely. This duo masturbation will be the perfect opportunity for you two to share an intimate moment of the most delicious for both men and women.

The “notary’s tie” or “Spanish hand job” is very popular with men because it allows the man to masturbate his erect penis between the breasts of his partner. But you can too ladies, take a lot of pleasure in this practice if the tenderness is at the rendezvous.

The notary’s tie in practice

To avoid falling into the low-floor porn, let things happen naturally: after many caresses and when the penis of gentleman arrives at the level of your breasts sensually touching your curves, place the sex of the man between your breasts. You can also use your hands to tighten your breasts around the erect penis.

No need to have a huge breast to succeed masturbation with your breasts, even with a cap B, you can increase the orgasm of your partner by making him discover new practices that will keep long in memory! He will be excited just by thinking back! For seen too, masturbation with breasts can be very exciting because it can stimulate the breasts, a highly erogenous zone in women.

How Does a Butt Plug Work?

The non-exotic German expression for the butt plug is butt plug. This sometimes looks like a miniature dildo, but is usually conical in shape. Butt plugs are shorter and thinner than their big counterparts and are always provided with a stopper so they do not accidentally disappear into nirvana and you can practice of figging through history.

This toy prepares you for anal sex or is simply used for stimulation. There are also anal plugs in all possible material versions: latex, glass, and wood, what you can imagine. Role-playing fans even get some with horse tail, bunny pomp or cat tail, you can find these fancy things at loveplugs animal tails collection.

The fact that the general market for sex toys has been booming for the last ten years is no longer a secret. The religious sex toys section is also part of this development.

The fact that the general market for sex toys has been booming for the last ten years is no longer a secret. It’s about billions of dollars. This general establishment of the sex toys also led to an upswing in the darker niches of the industry. If you’re one of those who only want to be flogged with recycled and vegan loggers, you will not have to search for them much longer. Thanks to video tutorials, self – build kits, and people who have plenty of time to spare, a sex toys home-based industry has sprung up.

The religious sex toys section is also part of this development. Have you ever heard of the holy water plug? You can insert the five-centimeter-long shiny metal tube into the urethra in the name of Jesus and then make your own holy water bubble from the small cross at the top. It sounds painful and difficult to understand why you should spend 60 dollars for it. But then it would not exist if there were no people ordering it.

Some companies are seriously interested in bringing couples closer to God, such as Intimacy of Eden or Covenant Spice. They refrain from modeling models to prevent Christian couples from risking their virtues in purchasing things that they can put into their body orifices. But there is also the scene of the fetishists who want to turn the spiritual into something sexual.

Nigel R. belongs to the second group. As the founder of Divine Intervention, he has been directing people to orthodox-inspired orgasms since 1999. As with other artisan sex toy manufacturers, most products are made and dyed by him.

The idea for Divine Interventions, whose sex toys are mainly inspired by Catholicism, came to Nigel in college when he mistook the Jesus figure on the nightlight of his roommate for a dildo. Now his company offers products like the Jackhammer Jesus and the Jesus Child Butt plug.

Divine Interventions enjoys combining the opposites of sex and religion in one product. Although the products are primarily geared toward religious fetishists, there is a small minority of religious clients who say the toys have not only improved their sex life, but also brought them closer to God.

With the plug in the ass in the disco

There are only a few places on the body in which the human sexually sensitive as on the butt. Anal sex is therefore extremely popular with men and women, regardless of whether one is gay or heterosexual.

To have the stimulus something in his butt, more and more people do not want to give up. However, it is very difficult to have anal intercourse with another person permanently. Therefore, many people rely on certain sex toys, which also allow anal stimulation continuously.

Probably the most popular of these sex toys is the butt plug, also known as anal plug. This plug is a dildo-shaped body that can be inserted directly into the butt and can be left there. A plug in the ass can be worn not only during sex at home, but also on the go.

A real kick gives one the plug in the ass in the disco. The feeling of constant stimulation in the butt combined with the fun of dancing can be a sparkling change in your own sex life for everyone. get more info here.

How to feel with the plug in the ass

Everybody knows how a disco works. Everyone will have experienced that you can have a lot of fun in a disco. Whether dancing, drinking with friends or flirting: in a disco you can always have a nice evening, if not a great night. But the fun in the disco can be increased even more. If you go with a plug in the ass in the disco, comes to the benefits of disco still the stimulating feeling of constantly having something stuck in the butt.

It’s just even nicer to dance in the ass with a plug. That’s just going to turn on when you have that slight tingling sensation in your butt and flirting is much more fun. And if you feel like it, you’ll just go to the bathroom and finger myself. That’s much better with such a plug. On top of that, the kick comes with many, because someone might discover that you are in the disco with a plug in your ass. This feeling reminds many women, for example, to stay in public without panties.

It feels as if you were doing something forbidden. Although my plug is pretty small and handy, it can be discovered on closer inspection, depending on what you are wearing. But just this slight danger you find incredibly exciting when you go to the disco. The only downside, if you go into the disco with a plug in the ass that sometimes you have to watch how you sit down exactly. Especially with larger plugs that could not be easy at times. That the plug in the ass but overall is a nice experience is unanimously confirmed by all women, with whom you were in contact.

The plug in the ass as a punishment in couples

But not only for singles, also for couples, can the plug in the ass be a great pleasure. So a couple can go to the disco together, where one of the partners or even both have a plug in their ass. Aside from butt plugs, there are couples who love playing with penis plugs while travelling. Users confirm how exciting it feels when they both have a plug in their ass and know exactly that from the other.

But at some point we dare then and both started with the plug in the ass. In the first hour in the disco we were also pretty excited. What if someone would notice? But by now we’ve probably been in the ass a dozen times with plug and nobody has ever noticed anything. The plug in the ass in the disco is also very good as a small, playful punishment for couples. So a man can condemn his wife or girlfriend for fun to go with a plug in the ass in the disco. Such small punishments among spouses are a very good way to bring back more momentum into their shared sex life.

3 Ways on Having a Prostatic Orgasm

Women have the G-spot, men the prostate (P-spot). Actually, it is indeed the G-spot, which is scientifically controversial. On the other hand, nobody cares about the existence of the prostate. That is there and basta. Their function is undisputed as well: it makes a significant contribution to the 95% that the sperm come out of the urethra in a milky-clear fluid, which hopefully will reach and fertilize the eagerly awaiting egg. So it’s practical, the prostate. No man would give it up voluntarily. But she can do something and quite a lot of people do not know that. Because if touched properly, it can cause orgasms! Yes!!! Interested? If you are looking for a new inspiration as a woman, how you can make your partner really glow, you are exactly right here. And if you say as a man, oh no, my orgasms are great, I do not need any more input, then you can just stop here and read something else.

Prostate massage for connoisseurs

“If it is touched correctly”, I just wrote there. But how does one do it? And how do you find the P-point over skin? For all her love she has a small disadvantage: she lies hidden under the bladder inside the body. And that’s why the direct route leads through the anus. In this respect, our G-spot has a decisive advantage, since it is located in almost the same place and also consisting of prostate-like tissue, with us through the vagina can be felt. But the anus is fortunately very sensitive to touch and so like most men this way through the Po but then quite well. The feeling that comes with such a prostate massage compensates anyway for all efforts. But if you cannot imagine that, you have another option: If the dam, thus, the area between testicles and anus caressed, massaged and pressed, it can also stimulate the prostate. However, the men I’ve talked to say that these feelings are not quite as intense. You should also know How to achieve multiple prostate orgasms.

There are special sex toys that are bent to reach the prostate when inserted. This allows a man to stimulate himself or be pampered by the partner. Here I want to introduce you to a prostate massage, in which you do not need a toy, but only your fingers and a lot of empathy.

He puts himself best naked with the belly down on a bearskin in front of the fireplace. Ok, a bed goes too. A massage relaxes and provides the first sense of well-being. A calm atmosphere, a pleasant room temperature and no distraction by a by the way running in the TV football game are understood by itself. With warmed massage oilshe can work her way from the shoulders over her back to the butt and maybe even glide over him with her whole body. Then the buttocks are off and now even the lubricant can be generously applied. Knead, squeeze, caress and slowly slide your hands between your cheeks. He will like that and bring his imagination up to speed. Excitement is good anyway, because like all erogenous zones, it only really awakens to life. Incidentally, a pillow under the hip facilitates access. When properly relaxed, she can carefully insert a finger and stretch the sphincter with slow circular and gentle shaking movements. For resistance, please take a short break. Once the partner relaxes, it can go on. A second finger can follow. About five to seven centimeters inside the body toward the abdominal wall is to feel a slight curvature with the fingertip: Found! Now the P-point can be gently stroked, pressed and circled. If two fingers are inserted, they can also be easily massaged from the sides. Imagine the prostate is a slightly larger clitoris and what you like, you probably know pretty well. Pay attention to the reactions of your partner, then you will quickly notice which touches he likes! If your partner kneels on all fours, lies on the side or the back, you or he can stimulate the penis and testicles at the same time. I can hardly imagine that a man is averse to this!

Please pay attention to hygiene!

Since we are here in the area of ??our excretory organ, cleanliness is of great importance. Before you start, you should therefore take some precautions. As with all anal gimmicks applies here, as much lubricant to use, so that everything slips nicely. By the way, long fingernails are a no-go because they can easily hurt the sensitive intestinal wall. And even on the prostate it certainly does not feel good when pointed nails drilled into it. But the trend is anyway short nails, so that fits. If you like, you can put on a glove or fingerstall. Afterwards caution is also required. Hands or toys need to be cleaned really well so no gut bacteria can get stuck or transferred.

Anal has erotic potential

The fact is: the anus harbors a great deal of erotic potential. It is surrounded by thousands of sensitive nerves and these are also connected to the genitals. In addition, in men, the prostate is in the anus – the male lust point par excellence. So what could be more appropriate than anal stimulation to increase the desire of women and men? This realization comes more and more. Experimenters and the demand for special anal toys increase. So that the entry into the anal pleasure is easy, there is now a new series of toys called “Pro Anal”. It includes everything from plugs to ball sticks to special vibrators and an intimate shower to prepare.

Toys for beginners

All Sex toys of the special series are made of black silicone and in combination with water-based lubricant, the smooth surface is wonderfully slippery. The forms of the Anal toys are elaborately designed – so there are always practical straps and narrow handles for a secure fit and of course attractive structures such as grooves or vaults that stimulate additionally. The simple set of 3 anal plugs with finger loop is ideal for beginners and is wonderful for slow stretching. The   anal dildo with dammars however, is a multi-talent: his thickened tip hits accurately the prostate and the small, two-part stimulus stimulated ticklish the dam. For advanced users, the vibro butt plug in addition to the feeling of being fully filled offers 5 different vibration patterns that send powerful vibrations throughout the abdomen. Another toys for beginners are animal tails like cat tails and loveplugs is the place where you can find good quality ones.

How to Pleasure Yourself with Prostate Massage

Anal pleasure seduced, solo as two. And for good reason, the anus is a much innervated area and therefore very, very receptive to caresses. In boys, it is also the gateway to the prostate, key to a memorable orgasm. What to do with this little chestnut nested in the depths of anatomy? A prostatic massage, of course! But it do not just a finger in the buttocks, there are best positions for prostate massage. To do that well, this is where it goes!

Anal stimulation can work for anyone, regardless of gender. But in anyone with a prostate, the orgasmic potential of the finger in the buttocks is tenfold.

Prostate massage: the preparation

Before going to titillate the buttocks of his partner, there is a step to be missed for nothing in the world: communication. Both partners should be comfortable with the practice and be excited about exploring this area then, to each role its preparation. It may sound trivial, but if there is one thing to think about when you’re about to play with your fingers like that, it’s to cut your nails and remove all your rings.

Not only will it prevent you from losing a family jewel in this inappropriate place, but it will especially save your partner! The fingering during a massage of the anus is more delicate than its vaginal counterpart. Although it is not at all risky to explore this area provided it is protected. The anus is not expected to penetration. Its walls are thinner, more delicate and more likely to graze.

Another tip: even with the most careful preparation, hard to avoid bacteria during anal sex! So make sure you do not have scratches on your fingers. If this is the case, do not hesitate to use a condom there are even condoms for fingers, tailor-made! In addition, it can give a boost for lubrication.

Prepare to receive a prostate massage.

At the risk of being trivial, the first reflex of the recipient is to clear his intestines beforehand.  Stimulating the prostate does not involve deep penetration . And as the human body is very well done, the “garbage” is only stored there when the detour to the toilet is imminent. So if your partner has had her needs once a day, no matter what time, there is no reason for you to come across an “intruder” during your exploration.

If ever your partner is very worried about it, it is possible to make an anal shower. Two conditions: follow the instructions on the instructions for the enema pear and do it a long time before the massage to prevent stagnant water from flowing during the massage.

Finally, anal shower or not, the partner must be careful to take a shower before the act, as recommended before a blowjob, by the way!

Bonus: pee. The prostate stimulation can give the impression of wanting to urinate. It’s just an impression, but to avoid panic instead of having fun, going to the bathroom is a good idea.

In which position to do a prostatic massage?

The position chosen for a prostate massage must above all be comfortable for each of the partners. Then, and logically, it must offer easy access to the anus and, as a bonus, to other erogenous zones. Many people enjoy combining prostate massage and oral sex or prostate massage and fondling breasts.

The most common position for the catcher is to lay on your back with your legs bent over your stomach you can stow a cushion under your hips for comfort, or on all fours. Feel free to experiment to know your favorite position.

Prostate massage technique: warming up

Small booster puncture for novices: the anus has not been provided with the gift of self-lubrication enjoyed by our vagina! Before any anal practice, you must read proud!  Any lubricant can do the trick, but know that there are specific lubricants for anal sex, their particularity being that they lubricate longer than their conventional counterpart. Anyway, get ready to put on several times during the massage.

Then we can begin to go gently into the thick of it. It is not a question of going straight towards the prostate: one starts rather by touching the contours, to advance a shy finger, then to push it a little more, then to turn back and to return. The time for the partner to relax, relax the muscles and beg you to continue! Then and only if the partner deems it necessary, you can add a second finger.

Find the point P to reach the prostatic orgasm

To find the point-P, it is first of all to know what one is looking for: in this case, the prostate, a small projecting ball in the shape of a chestnut, with a different texture of the surrounding tissues. This point-P is located on the “inner” wall of the rectum, about 7 cm from the entrance of the anus.

Rather than groping, do not hesitate to encourage your partner to guide you: only he knows which areas tickle more than others. The good barometer is the urge to urinate: the more your partner has the impression of having an urge, the more it means that we touch the point-P!

Once the beloved localized prostate, remains to the caress of the end of the finger and not with the nails. Overall, the same techniques are applied to the prostate as to stimulate the G-spot: a back-and-forth game with one or two fingers, more or less strong pressure, fingers sometimes folded, sometimes unfolded. The secret is to be guided by the pleasure of the partner!

Prepare your Prostate Stimulator and Lubricant

Once these exercises are done, stay on your back while lying down, but raise your knees towards you while keeping your feet flat.

Coat your prostatic stimulator, on which you can get big discounts on the page Sex toy cheap lubricant and then introduce it delicately. For beginners, do not force, but relax. Once the sex toy inserted, the most difficult is done. You are slowly getting closer to the prostatic orgasm.

On the way to prostatic orgasm

And now, the most difficult is realized. Your prostate stimulator, whatever it is, is inserted and you are in a comfortable position. Let’s continue your path of prostate massage. Experts recommend relaxing again to feel the best feelings in the perineum and prostate.

Try to relax as much as possible especially the perineum and the sphincter. This is essential. It is not easy to explain how, alas, but you absolutely must not try to hold back your prostatic massager. This one cannot go out. It is therefore total relaxation that is required.

As mentioned above, you will rediscover your body and this relaxation is essential. The massage of the prostate will be only better option.