How to Pleasure Yourself with Prostate Massage

Anal pleasure seduced, solo as two. And for good reason, the anus is a much innervated area and therefore very, very receptive to caresses. In boys, it is also the gateway to the prostate, key to a memorable orgasm. What to do with this little chestnut nested in the depths of anatomy? A prostatic massage, of course! But it do not just a finger in the buttocks, there are best positions for prostate massage. To do that well, this is where it goes!

Anal stimulation can work for anyone, regardless of gender. But in anyone with a prostate, the orgasmic potential of the finger in the buttocks is tenfold.

Prostate massage: the preparation

Before going to titillate the buttocks of his partner, there is a step to be missed for nothing in the world: communication. Both partners should be comfortable with the practice and be excited about exploring this area then, to each role its preparation. It may sound trivial, but if there is one thing to think about when you’re about to play with your fingers like that, it’s to cut your nails and remove all your rings.

Not only will it prevent you from losing a family jewel in this inappropriate place, but it will especially save your partner! The fingering during a massage of the anus is more delicate than its vaginal counterpart. Although it is not at all risky to explore this area provided it is protected. The anus is not expected to penetration. Its walls are thinner, more delicate and more likely to graze.

Another tip: even with the most careful preparation, hard to avoid bacteria during anal sex! So make sure you do not have scratches on your fingers. If this is the case, do not hesitate to use a condom there are even condoms for fingers, tailor-made! In addition, it can give a boost for lubrication.

Prepare to receive a prostate massage.

At the risk of being trivial, the first reflex of the recipient is to clear his intestines beforehand. ¬†Stimulating the prostate does not involve deep penetration . And as the human body is very well done, the “garbage” is only stored there when the detour to the toilet is imminent. So if your partner has had her needs once a day, no matter what time, there is no reason for you to come across an “intruder” during your exploration.

If ever your partner is very worried about it, it is possible to make an anal shower. Two conditions: follow the instructions on the instructions for the enema pear and do it a long time before the massage to prevent stagnant water from flowing during the massage.

Finally, anal shower or not, the partner must be careful to take a shower before the act, as recommended before a blowjob, by the way!

Bonus: pee. The prostate stimulation can give the impression of wanting to urinate. It’s just an impression, but to avoid panic instead of having fun, going to the bathroom is a good idea.

In which position to do a prostatic massage?

The position chosen for a prostate massage must above all be comfortable for each of the partners. Then, and logically, it must offer easy access to the anus and, as a bonus, to other erogenous zones. Many people enjoy combining prostate massage and oral sex or prostate massage and fondling breasts.

The most common position for the catcher is to lay on your back with your legs bent over your stomach you can stow a cushion under your hips for comfort, or on all fours. Feel free to experiment to know your favorite position.

Prostate massage technique: warming up

Small booster puncture for novices: the anus has not been provided with the gift of self-lubrication enjoyed by our vagina! Before any anal practice, you must read proud!  Any lubricant can do the trick, but know that there are specific lubricants for anal sex, their particularity being that they lubricate longer than their conventional counterpart. Anyway, get ready to put on several times during the massage.

Then we can begin to go gently into the thick of it. It is not a question of going straight towards the prostate: one starts rather by touching the contours, to advance a shy finger, then to push it a little more, then to turn back and to return. The time for the partner to relax, relax the muscles and beg you to continue! Then and only if the partner deems it necessary, you can add a second finger.

Find the point P to reach the prostatic orgasm

To find the point-P, it is first of all to know what one is looking for: in this case, the prostate, a small projecting ball in the shape of a chestnut, with a different texture of the surrounding tissues. This point-P is located on the “inner” wall of the rectum, about 7 cm from the entrance of the anus.

Rather than groping, do not hesitate to encourage your partner to guide you: only he knows which areas tickle more than others. The good barometer is the urge to urinate: the more your partner has the impression of having an urge, the more it means that we touch the point-P!

Once the beloved localized prostate, remains to the caress of the end of the finger and not with the nails. Overall, the same techniques are applied to the prostate as to stimulate the G-spot: a back-and-forth game with one or two fingers, more or less strong pressure, fingers sometimes folded, sometimes unfolded. The secret is to be guided by the pleasure of the partner!

Prepare your Prostate Stimulator and Lubricant

Once these exercises are done, stay on your back while lying down, but raise your knees towards you while keeping your feet flat.

Coat your prostatic stimulator, on which you can get big discounts on the page Sex toy cheap lubricant and then introduce it delicately. For beginners, do not force, but relax. Once the sex toy inserted, the most difficult is done. You are slowly getting closer to the prostatic orgasm.

On the way to prostatic orgasm

And now, the most difficult is realized. Your prostate stimulator, whatever it is, is inserted and you are in a comfortable position. Let’s continue your path of prostate massage. Experts recommend relaxing again to feel the best feelings in the perineum and prostate.

Try to relax as much as possible especially the perineum and the sphincter. This is essential. It is not easy to explain how, alas, but you absolutely must not try to hold back your prostatic massager. This one cannot go out. It is therefore total relaxation that is required.

As mentioned above, you will rediscover your body and this relaxation is essential. The massage of the prostate will be only better option.