3 Ways on Having a Prostatic Orgasm

Women have the G-spot, men the prostate (P-spot). Actually, it is indeed the G-spot, which is scientifically controversial. On the other hand, nobody cares about the existence of the prostate. That is there and basta. Their function is undisputed as well: it makes a significant contribution to the 95% that the sperm come out of the urethra in a milky-clear fluid, which hopefully will reach and fertilize the eagerly awaiting egg. So it’s practical, the prostate. No man would give it up voluntarily. But she can do something and quite a lot of people do not know that. Because if touched properly, it can cause orgasms! Yes!!! Interested? If you are looking for a new inspiration as a woman, how you can make your partner really glow, you are exactly right here. And if you say as a man, oh no, my orgasms are great, I do not need any more input, then you can just stop here and read something else.

Prostate massage for connoisseurs

“If it is touched correctly”, I just wrote there. But how does one do it? And how do you find the P-point over skin? For all her love she has a small disadvantage: she lies hidden under the bladder inside the body. And that’s why the direct route leads through the anus. In this respect, our G-spot has a decisive advantage, since it is located in almost the same place and also consisting of prostate-like tissue, with us through the vagina can be felt. But the anus is fortunately very sensitive to touch and so like most men this way through the Po but then quite well. The feeling that comes with such a prostate massage compensates anyway for all efforts. But if you cannot imagine that, you have another option: If the dam, thus, the area between testicles and anus caressed, massaged and pressed, it can also stimulate the prostate. However, the men I’ve talked to say that these feelings are not quite as intense. You should also know How to achieve multiple prostate orgasms.

There are special sex toys that are bent to reach the prostate when inserted. This allows a man to stimulate himself or be pampered by the partner. Here I want to introduce you to a prostate massage, in which you do not need a toy, but only your fingers and a lot of empathy.

He puts himself best naked with the belly down on a bearskin in front of the fireplace. Ok, a bed goes too. A massage relaxes and provides the first sense of well-being. A calm atmosphere, a pleasant room temperature and no distraction by a by the way running in the TV football game are understood by itself. With warmed massage oilshe can work her way from the shoulders over her back to the butt and maybe even glide over him with her whole body. Then the buttocks are off and now even the lubricant can be generously applied. Knead, squeeze, caress and slowly slide your hands between your cheeks. He will like that and bring his imagination up to speed. Excitement is good anyway, because like all erogenous zones, it only really awakens to life. Incidentally, a pillow under the hip facilitates access. When properly relaxed, she can carefully insert a finger and stretch the sphincter with slow circular and gentle shaking movements. For resistance, please take a short break. Once the partner relaxes, it can go on. A second finger can follow. About five to seven centimeters inside the body toward the abdominal wall is to feel a slight curvature with the fingertip: Found! Now the P-point can be gently stroked, pressed and circled. If two fingers are inserted, they can also be easily massaged from the sides. Imagine the prostate is a slightly larger clitoris and what you like, you probably know pretty well. Pay attention to the reactions of your partner, then you will quickly notice which touches he likes! If your partner kneels on all fours, lies on the side or the back, you or he can stimulate the penis and testicles at the same time. I can hardly imagine that a man is averse to this!

Please pay attention to hygiene!

Since we are here in the area of ??our excretory organ, cleanliness is of great importance. Before you start, you should therefore take some precautions. As with all anal gimmicks applies here, as much lubricant to use, so that everything slips nicely. By the way, long fingernails are a no-go because they can easily hurt the sensitive intestinal wall. And even on the prostate it certainly does not feel good when pointed nails drilled into it. But the trend is anyway short nails, so that fits. If you like, you can put on a glove or fingerstall. Afterwards caution is also required. Hands or toys need to be cleaned really well so no gut bacteria can get stuck or transferred.

Anal has erotic potential

The fact is: the anus harbors a great deal of erotic potential. It is surrounded by thousands of sensitive nerves and these are also connected to the genitals. In addition, in men, the prostate is in the anus – the male lust point par excellence. So what could be more appropriate than anal stimulation to increase the desire of women and men? This realization comes more and more. Experimenters and the demand for special anal toys increase. So that the entry into the anal pleasure is easy, there is now a new series of toys called “Pro Anal”. It includes everything from plugs to ball sticks to special vibrators and an intimate shower to prepare.

Toys for beginners

All Sex toys of the special series are made of black silicone and in combination with water-based lubricant, the smooth surface is wonderfully slippery. The forms of the Anal toys are elaborately designed – so there are always practical straps and narrow handles for a secure fit and of course attractive structures such as grooves or vaults that stimulate additionally. The simple set of 3 anal plugs with finger loop is ideal for beginners and is wonderful for slow stretching. The   anal dildo with dammars however, is a multi-talent: his thickened tip hits accurately the prostate and the small, two-part stimulus stimulated ticklish the dam. For advanced users, the vibro butt plug in addition to the feeling of being fully filled offers 5 different vibration patterns that send powerful vibrations throughout the abdomen. Another toys for beginners are animal tails like cat tails and loveplugs is the place where you can find good quality ones.