Beginners Guide to Anal Hooks

Why have loves balls actually become so popular meanwhile? This is not just because they can be used in so many areas. Of course it also matters with whom you use them. Again, the diversity of love balls application comes to light again because you can use them both alone and with your partner.

That probably makes the uniqueness of love balls application! Especially when two partners try the balls together, a tingling experience can come out of it. The love life in bed can not only be relaxed. Also secret curiosities and desires can be fulfilled.

What are the advantages of love balls application as a couple?

One thing is certain; the love balls increase the experience in bed immensely. Because this is how you explore your body in a new way and also your partner’s. For example, if you train your pelvic floor through the balls then the experience during sex is more intense and on both sides.

As a rule, love balls increase the desire of the woman immensely. This is because the libido is stimulated enormously. Libido is the female sex hormone. No wonder then that woman likes to go crazy! That the partner has only advantages need not be mentioned separately. This is the reason that you need to know the comparison between the Anal hooks vs. butt plugs also.

Especially for the man it is an exciting feeling when the pelvic floor and thus the vagina of the lady feel tighter. Incidentally, this is also the secret trick of how many couples can bring them to orgasm faster. In the love balls application from woman to woman; the balls can also be used super effectively as a toy. With a little extra stimulation from the outside for example, a vibrator, the fingers or the tongue there are no limits to creativity here.


Love balls and other toys

The most famous sex toy is certainly the vibrator. Love balls also have a vibrating function – but this is not so strong in comparison. As you may already know, the love ball is sometimes secretly used in everyday life. For that reason alone, it can be difficult for a woman to vibrate harder. You can use both in combination though. This is also very attractive for couples!

By stimulating different centers, one can reach new and unexpected heights. In the beginning, you should try out how many balls the woman tolerates.

Then you can start carefully, in addition to the love balls application even to take the vibrator to hand. The rule of thumb here is that you can start slowly and then increase yourself. So you can be sure that you will not hurt yourself.

Due to the additional vibrations that are sent, the ball can unfold its full potential. You will be amazed what you can achieve in the long run! You can also try this technique solo. However, it is better if you do that with a partner. This can better keep the vibrator under control.

Basically, it is good if you use lubricant if necessary. With it you can increase your looseness even more. You should, however, make sure that the gel is on a water-soluble basis. So you make sure that your vagina is not damaged. There are also love balls that combine vibrator eggs and ball.

What to look for when buying

The selection of love balls is great. So before you make a blind decision to buy, you need to check a few things. There are a few features where you recognize high quality bullets.

These are Love Balls and Vibro Egg in one. A very special copy! It is made entirely of silicone. The material is important so that you can enjoy the love balls application to the fullest. Plastic, for example, turns out to be unhealthy.

With this object several things are possible. For one, you can use the toy while gently inserting the balls. In addition, G point massages are possible in this way. This method is called SenseMotion (TM) technology and has already found many enthusiastic buyers.

There are different levels of vibration that you can set. You can control the balls yourself by hand. So you always have everything under control and are master of the situation. You yourself can decide how and when you want to come.

Another special feature is that the material is waterproof. One hundred percent – despite the electronics! You can also do shower or bath games with your partner. Here your partner and you can explore together, which jokes you want to pursue and what you like the most. Thanks to toys like these there is something for everyone.The opinions of customers who have already purchased this confirm that. Many are happy with it and state that the Love Balls application has brought new momentum to their love life.

Why toys are important in bed

Toys almost always cause a loosening up in bed. Finally, one crosses a border together. This can be an incredibly intense experience for the partner and oneself especially if both have not had so much experience. Then explore together with the partner new area. You feel so connected by the successful love balls application and not only because of the physical effects, but because something like that connects.

Experts even say that this can be relieving because sex is very important to most people. If you bring in this new momentum, then the partner appears again more interesting and attractive. With this secret trick many couples have already saved their relationship. The fact that one automatically has more desire for each other, one goes around in everyday life differently.

Many women only realize by the love balls application that they are very well able to come. Because purely by the stimulation of the penis does not always happen. This also ensures a further positive climate.

Does the first insertion of the dilator hurt?

No! You absolutely do not have to worry about that. When playing with a dilator you will feel a new body region and have new sensations.

From how many years should you use dilators as sex toys?

Sexologists advise you to use dilators only from the age of 18, no matter if you are male or female. This is because, in childhood and adolescence, the urethra is not yet fully grown and also very sensitive. This hypersensitivity can actually lead to pain during insertion of the dilator or even after the game when urinating. No matter how long you plan on using them, make sure you always clean your sex toys.

Can you lose a dilator in the body?

If you use a dilator over 8cm in length, you do not need to worry about the dilator failing to come out at once. At the latest at the next water let it will flow out of the body. Above all, women should keep their hands off self-made things. In women, the urethra is much shorter than in men, and there is a real danger that dropped parts may remain in the bladder. Therefore use only massive dilators e.g. surgical stainless steel or a softer material rather less good. get yours now at