How to Choose the Perfect Color of your Fox Tail Butt Plug?

Fox tail plugs are simply stunning. These butt plugs command a unique appeal found with no other sex toy. You must have heard about sizzling stories with fox tail butt plugs from that friend who is always upbeat about trying the latest wonders in the adult toy world. Are you too curious to try out fox tail butt plugs? Well, that’s great as you are in for a smashing treat this time.

Interestingly, fox tail butt plugs come in a wide range of colors, so much so, that you will be spoilt for choices. The newbies to the fox tail butt plug world are often confused on which color to pick. Now, you aren’t going to buy a fox tail butt plug every other month. It’s like a one-off investment which you plan to savor for years to come. So, your fox tail butt plug would be something that you can identify with. The same goes with the toy color. The shade you choose should be a lovely manifestation of your own unique thoughts, ideals and of course, your fantasies.

Here is a brief on how to choose the right color for your fox tail butt plug.

Natural colors

The most popular fox tail butt plugs are available in natural colors like brown, grey, fawn and so on. If you want a naturally wild feel in your tail plug play sessions, go for these natural colors. These shades will help to render a realistic tone to your fox plug play sessions. There is a minimalist yet subtle attraction in the colors which is hard to miss.

Red and pink colors

Would the tail plug be used on a female partner? In that case, red or pink butt plugs could be your pick. Both these colors exude lovely feminine grace that resonates beautifully with female users. If you want something fiery and mysterious, the red one would be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you wish for things all sweet and cute, don’t look further than pink tails.

Rainbow color

Yes, you will also find fox tail butt plugs today in bright rainbow colors. On one hand, these tails look extremely vibrant. If you need a sex toy to brighten up your mood after a long boring day, these rainbow fox tail butt plugs would be just amazing. Moreover, given the presence of so many shades, the tail plug will certainly stand out in your dimply-lit bedroom and make you plug play even more enjoyable and fun.

On the other hand, as we all by now, rainbow is the color of equality and acceptance. The color setup established the eternal truth that our world could be made up of different kinds of soul- but despite differences, all of us are a part of one common chain. If you are a strong advocate of same-sex or LGBTQ rights, rainbow-colored fox tail butt plugs would be the one for you. These butt plugs will be excellent for same-sex couples.

Purple color

Purple is dark but never too dark and it’s this duality that makes it mysterious and irresistible at the same time. So, if you resonate to that kind of an enigmatic vibe, purple fix tail butt plugs are the thing for you.

Other points to check while buying fox tail butt plug

However, color is not the only criterion when it comes to buying a fox tail butt plug. There are several other points that you must take care of while buying your first tail butt plug.

Size of the plug

Are you a newbie to the butt plug world? Well, if you haven’t used a butt plug before, you should be extremely careful about the size of the plug. The fact is, the anus is not meant to take things inside. It’s only designed to release things outside. So, when you are planning to nudge things inside your anus, you will have to prepare your body for that. Large butt plugs look sexy no doubt but if you shove them into an inexperienced anus, you might as well end up in the ER. So, be careful.

The tip is to start with smallest fox tail butt plugs in the market. The length of your tail butt plug should not be more than 1.10”. Try to look for butt plugs that come in sets with plugs in varying sizes. These sets are anyday more economical than getting individual ones. With these sets, you will get plugs in small, medium and large sizes. So, you can start with the small one and then graduate to progressive sizes over time.

The plug material

Fox tail butt plugs are available in a wide variety of materials. From silicone to metal to even glass, you will get these toys in a large range of material choices to choose from. But you can’t choose any material out there. the anus is a very delicate place in our body and you shouldn’t choose something that might pose danger for it.

According to experts, you must avoid porous items as then tend to harbor bacteria over time. So, stay away from rubber ones. On the other hand, go for non-porous options as these are easy to clean and don’t allow bacteria to settle on them. Some of the best examples here are glass, metal, ABS plastic and silicone.

But, if you haven’t tried a butt plug ever, do not go for harder toys like those made of metal or glass. Rather you should opt for the extremely soft silicone which is also body-safe.

Look for a reputed adult toy store

The rising popularity of sex toys have brought them to the mainstream retail market of late. You have many generic retail stores today that sell fox tail butt plugs. But it’s better to avoid them as these stores don’t always promise authentic products. Your best bet would be highly reputed adult toy stores as they specialize in these toys and hence can promise the most authentic product, just like what is being offered at